Maison Fish love to eat. We believe that eating is not just about fueling the body but about nourishing our whole selves with the experience of eating. We delight in seeing our Fish sit around the table, make new friends and share stories. We love to see them wipe plates clean with warm seedy bread and linger over a post supper fresh mint tea. We go to great lengths to make friends with the local community who supply us with the freshest of produce for our retreats. We love opening our kitchen door at Maison Fish DEVON to find our favourite farmer deliver eggs before the morning's practice.

We equally love to share our nutritious knowledge. We run workshops on our retreats introducing basic macrobiotic principles and a Five Element approach to eating. The flexibility of this approach allows us to eat everything (yes, really!), but with a greater understanding of the way our bodies process food. Nourishing ourselves is a personal thing and finding what works best for our lifestyle and energetic needs can take some trial and error.  We believe that introducing small changes and healthy habits can lead to big differences in our energy and wellbeing. 

Holistic nutrition helps us to connect energetically with nature, her rhythms and cycles. Put very simply, this makes us feel great!