Maison Fish DEVON

In the heart of Exmoor is a treasure chest of a farmhouse donning its very own slate swimming pool and wood burning hot tub.  Our favourite farmer calls his home Natsley Farm and we've named it Maison Fish DEVON. 

The main living room is transformed into the yoga shala, offering a tranquil space of peace and warmth. The top  floor becomes the Maison Fish THERAPY space,  where you can take your massage with a panoramic view of  rolling hills. 

Food will be cooked with love on an aga in an open plan kitchen, and we’ll sit together like one big family at the dinner table each night. A favourite Maison Fish DEVON activity is soaking in a moonlit hot tub, before scampering steaming bodies across wet grass and straight into a warm cosy bed. *Be warned, this hot tub has been known to change lives.  

Hidden away within 200 acres of private farmland, Maison Fish DEVON truly is the perfect canvas for a retreat in a premium property. 



Maison Fish PORTUGAL

The Alentejo is an untouched and traditional region of Portugal, in between Lisbon and the Algarve. It's here that you will find  Maison Fish PORTUGAL,  tucked away within ten hectares of private estate  boasting a breath taking view of an untouched rustic landscape. There is no other property in sight  and quite often the only sound you will here are the echoes of free roaming cows  wandering about the riverbanks.  The property used to be a working tidal mill, which has now been transformed into one main house and the three little cottages that Maison Fish call home. 

The River Mira snakes its way round the Maison, surrounding the estate on three sides. Guests are able to enjoy 700m of a private shoreline and jetty, where we take both sunrise and star gazing meditations, a swim, mud bath and a canoe!

The Maison has many beautiful terraces, one of which will be our yoga shala. This one is particularly special as it sits under the billowing shade of a fig tree over looking the flowing river.

Maison Fish PORTUGAL is the kind of place that truly makes your jaw drop. It connects you to nature in its most untouched form and leaves you feeling like you've found a secret corner of the Earth that only very few people know about.