"A brilliant bunch — an expert team of wellbeing professionals who will have you feeling like family." 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Fern E. Trelfa, Founding Fish

Fern is in her element when able to connect her yoga to the beauty of the world and the people in it. Bringing her practice into travel and nature has touched her in a way that nothing else has. The love, unity and empowerment she has felt in such moments is something she wishes to share with as many people as possible. For Fern,  it's the sharing of this connection that is the ultimate intention behind Masion Fish.

Fern is a yoga teacher but will always be a yoga student.  In terms of yoga scholarship, she has been attracted to senior teachers who stay rooted in the traditions of yoga philosophy, yet underpin their asana work with a modern understanding of experiential anatomy.  Fern has completed over 500 hours of teacher training with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel, as well as  practiced closely to London based Mollie McClelland. In 2015, she embarked upon a new programme with yoga ‘artist’ Raphan Kebe.

Fern has a love for people, language and stories. Her favourite stories are about fulfilling dreams and transcendence. Fern feels very blessed to see such stories come to life every day through her students, because yoga really can change lives. 

Fern is a Fish who believes in Magic. Yet she carries with her a strong sense of integrity as she swims through life, with her fins rooted firmly on the ground.


Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Alana Holloway, Mamma Fish

We call Alana the 'Mamma Fish' because she brings the retreat family together around the table  to make sure bellies are full and faces are smiling. There's always something bubbling away in Alana's kitchen, and if you ask her there might be a bowl of deliciousness to lick clean and chats about secret recipes to be had. 

Cooking has always been a big part of Alana's life. Not only this, but our Mamma Fish is also a creative creature loving nothing more to put her own flavours together to make nourishing dishes come alive in mouths. We're always begging her to write a book! When Alana is not in the Maison Fish kitchen, she's running her own love child Fodder and Plonk, a website which hosts all of Alana's creations and lists details of her amazing workshops around the art of Fermentation. (If you haven't signed up to this, you definitely should.)

Alana’s personal journey with the healing powers of food has been so inspirational. Following a chronic skin conditional some years ago, Alana was left no choice but to make major changes to her health and it all started with learning how to treat her gut with the respect it deserves. Alana has since become an active ambassador for gut love and the richness of life that can be found when giving the digestive organs daily attention. It’s her purpose to share with others how they can heal and nourish themselves through food at the deepest of levels -  the proof really is in the Mamma Fish's pudding. 

Alana was the missing ingredient to a Maison Fish retreat in the first few year's of our life. Now with her specialist skill set and scrumptious laugh, she is on board for every Maison Fish retreat this year. We are very, VERY excited about this. 

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Chloe Cossy, Chief Fish

Thank goodness for Chloe. Our Chief Fish is the right side of the Maison Fish brain. Her magic is found in her ability to manage magic, ensuring the production of our wonderful retreats runs smoothly.

Originally from Australia, Chloe moved to London four years ago and fell in love with a Frenchman.  It's these two that drove a RV Campervan from Canada to our treehouse retreat in Maison Fish MEXICO. That's right - thirteen Fish driving to the surf down the winding roads of the Mexican jungle in transportation as big as a house. Now that's the magic of the Chief Fish at work. We love Chloe.