The story of Maison Fish was born on a spellbound trip to the Nepal. The Founding Fish needed to swim deep so she climbed high up into the Himalayas, in search of adventure and Peace.  At the top of the world she found herself awe-struck,  sat amongst snow capped mountain peaks in a silence so dense it folded in on itself. 

It was here that she pledged to run wellbeing retreats, with the hope to share with others the magic she found when combining yoga and travel.

The Founding Fish returned to the UK and moved into a warehouse named 'Fish Island' . Every Tuesday, she led an urban retreat for a group of students. Together they practiced yoga, ate good food and shared a giggle.

They called it Maison Fish.

 Following retreats in Devon, Mexico and Portugal the Founding Fish made her pledge a reality.  To this day, she still continues to plot wellbeing adventures with the hope that the school of  Maison Fish grows, as more people add to its flow.