Urban Retreat, Jan 28th, for Surfers Against Sewage

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Urban Retreat, Jan 28th, for Surfers Against Sewage


Over the past couple of years, Maison Fish have been running wellbeing retreats in different parts of the globe. We’ve shared some truly awesome experiences with wonderful guests and together we’ve flipped our fins in many salty seas. It’s now time to give a  little back...

Maison Fish invite you to our January Urban Retreat in support of  UK waves, oceans and beaches. We have teamed up with Surfers against Sewage, an environmental charity who have been doing excellent work in this area. All profits from this event will be going to them, so we can continue to enjoy all that the British coastline has to offer.

We have some wonderful experiences lined up for you.


Fern E. Trelfa will be leading you through a movement inspired yoga practice and meditation. This practice will be themed around the element of 'Water'. We'll be listening to how our body moves organically, tuning into the fluidity of our structures and celebrating how our joints move and breathe. We'll be building our yoga flow from the ground up with repetition. The intention here is to have you moving through asana with familiarity, grace and flow. Water is the element of movement, feeling, reflection and depth. We'll close with relaxation (with a yummy neck massage) and meditation, weaving in visualisations of life under the oceans. All levels totally welcome. 


Becky Seale will run be running a workshop we’ve named Acting on Purpose. Last year was quite a brutal year for our little planet and many that live on it. Maison Fish have noticed a jolt in people's spirits, and the feeling that it's time to stand up for the stuff we care about if we're not already doing so. This workshop is about harnessing this energy and turning it into something. Becky, super sonic Life Coach and social researcher, will be helping people identify the causes and values that matter to us and find common connections to take passion to action. Maison Fish believes that yoga and overall wellness trains us to be real deal Superheroes, but the question now is: How are we going to use our power?


Cherub Sanson will take you through a Sound Journey leading you into a blissful place of pure presence. In her sound journeys, you can expect to experience a high frequency fusion of planet gongs, drums, flutes and chimes to guide you into a deep and blissful state of pure presence. The healing harmonics are known to stimulate your immune system and promote the release of seratonin & dopamine - happy chemicals - helping you to relax & feel amazing. Maison Fish love working with Cherub – she has an incredible gift for opening the gates of Spirit for those who operate in logic, yet gives those who like to fly a place a land. We ask you to suspend any disbelief when working with our Cosmic Fish, and simply ride her spell to see where you end up.

Some yummy TEA + TREATS to keep your cells nourished. 

We hope to see you for this urban retreat everyone! Our hope is that we make you feel good, so that you can help the world feel good. So let’s do this! And remember you'll be helping our amazing British seas and coastlines just through being there. Sweet.

Cost: £45. 

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