There are many benefits to a regular yoga practice. Some people describe the physical affects of yoga; building heat, improving core strength and flexibility. Some use it for reformative purposes such as working with injuries or bodily discomfort.  Others relish in qualities such as space, clarity and calmness.  We all have different bodies and personal needs and yoga can serve us in all our differences. Yet what unites each of us in our practice is the the cultivation of our awareness. Ultimately, this is what yoga at Maison Fish wishes to share.

Whereas our retreats are for people of all levels, guests should come open to a  dynamic asana (physical) practice, pranayama (breath work),  working with intention, mantra, visualisations and meditation.

Every full day on a Maison Fish retreat will include a twice daily two hour yoga practice. The morning yoga will be an energising, dynamic vinyasa flow practice centred around a certain 'thread' or 'theme'.  In the afternoons we move into stillness with a restorative/ yin practice and meditation, or perhaps we'll take some elements from the morning's class into a workshop.

Whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Maison Fish isn't concerned about how strong or flexible a person is.  We believe this will all come with regular practice and guidance. However we do ask for our guests to come with an intention of co-creating togetherness.  We love our retreats the most when the magic of community comes to life. This requires our guests to bring their awareness with them to the yoga mat each morning, and to each person and element of the day found in between. We ask you to  'show up'  not just for yourself, but for each of your fellow Fish also. In doing this we ask a question:

What can we cultivate for ourselves and others when we practice our yoga in this way?